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Western Province’s project overview


A coastal city poised for excellence

Serving as the gateway to Mecca and situated along the coast of Red Sea, this city has always attracted people from around the world. And with a $100bn transformation planned, Jeddah is primed to be a world-class destination for organizing Jeddah Construct covering a total of 100+ projects worth $613bn within the Western Province of Saudi Arabia.


Key mega projects in Saudi Arabia's Western Province

Under the ambitious 2030 Vision, Saudi Arabia's Western Province is undergoing a remarkable transformation with 100+ projects valued at over $613bn. These projects encompass diverse sectors such as housing, retail, mixed-use, and transportation.

Saudi Arabia’s Western Province’s giga-sized projects cover 8 cities

Upcoming: $6.5bn

  • Jeddah Metro (Rail) - $16bn
  • Jeddah Airport City (Mixed-use) - $5bn
  • King Abdulaziz Airport Expansion Phase 2 (Airport) - $4bn
  • Alsadan Community (Houses) - $900mn

Ongoing: $74.8bn

  • Jeddah Central (Mixed-use) - $20bn
  • Jeddah Economic City (Mixed-use) - $20bn
  • Al Arous Project (Houses) - $6bn
  • Al Mayar Suburb (Apartments) - $5bn

Factors fueling growth

Population growth:

2 million people in 1992, over 5 million in 2023

Economic growth:

Two economic cities will be built within Jeddah (King Abdullah Economic City and Jeddah Economic City)

Jeddah Historical Rejuvenation Project:

An ambitious 15-year project announced by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aims at making the Historic Jeddah area (Al-Balad) a world-class tourist and cultural destination.


This means that there is a greater need for infrastructure, as well as commercial and residential buildings such as Jeddah Central Project and Murooj Jeddah.

Key projects to revolutionize construction industry in Saudi Arabia's Western Province

Jeddah Economic City

Estimated Cost: $20bn

The project calls for the construction of an integrated mixed-use development in Jeddah that will be the master plan for 210 towers (30+ floors) and the place for 1,000 meters high Jeddah Tower. The development is made of three main districts, financial, residential and Al-Balad, and covers 5.3 million square meters. The project includes:

Resort Living, Old Town, Recreation, Super Regional Mall, Financial Street, Business District, Public Domain and Water Edge


Jeddah Central Project

Estimated Cost: $20bn

The project will include spaces for entertainment, shopping, and commercial activities, which are accessible for both residents and visitors. In total, the project aims to deliver over 17,000 housing units to accommodate 58,000 new residents, and 2,700 hotel rooms.

The project site will be divided into six main sections, including new homes; new museums, and cultural and social centers; areas for business and innovation; gardens, amusement parks, and sports facilities; hotels and hospitality facilities; retail spaces; as well as coastal areas for seaside activities, and walking routes along with the private boat and yacht pier.



Estimated Cost: $10.9bn

Al Ula historical valley, located 300km north of Medina covers an area is 22,561 square kilometers. The development aims to transform the area into an open-air museum and cultural capital. The project includes the development of cultural sites, wildlife reserves, a world-class museum for Arab civilization and culture, a research centre and a university.

The project also involves the construction of a luxury resort in the mountains of Al Ula within the Sharaan natural reserve. The resort will include a summit centre, residential units and restaurants.


Roshn Al-Arous

Estimated Cost: $6bn

The project calls for the construction of a residential community located in Jeddah. The project will feature 18,000 residential units. which extends over an area of more than 4 million square meters.

Phase 1 will include 2,200 housing units, with an area of more than 2 million square meters.


Jeddah Airport City

Estimated Cost: $5bn

Airport City is divided into four zones surrounding the masterplan’s central spine and interconnected via a green circuit with a low-speed tramway.

Total built-up area 1.91 million m2

  • Entertainment Zone (Zone 1): 72,000 m2 exhibition centre, 20,000 people.
  • Business Centre (Zone 2): two zones 80,000 m2 and 120,000 m2 land area
  • The Lifestyle Center (Zone 3): 250,000 m2 land area
  • Accommodation (Zone 4): apartments, three 3-star hotels, two 4-star hotels, and one 5 stars hotel. Estimated 1,700 rooms.

Jeddah Tower

Estimated Cost: $1.23bn

The project calls for the construction of an over 1,000-meter-high mixed-use tower in Jeddah. The tower is 168 floors and has a construction area of 530,000 square meters. The tower will include office space, 200 hotel rooms 121 luxury serviced apartments by Four Seasons, 500 residential apartments, retail space and observation features.

Jeddah Tower will be taller than the Burj Khalifa by more than 172 meters. It is the centrepiece of the Jeddah Economic City development. The project’s first phase, which includes the main tower, covers an area of 150ha.

Jeddah Tower


Estimated Cost: $0.35bn

EVEN, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), has announced the establishment of its fifth entertainment destination located in Abha, Aseer region.

With an investment of over SAR1.3 billion, the 64,000 square meter development will feature a diverse array of attractions for families and people of all ages across 79,000 square meters of indoor space.

Inspired by the region’s ancient stone architecture, the design seamlessly integrates with the local urban code to preserve cultural identity.

The destination will include eight unique attractions from an indoor golf facility and e-karting to a 10-screen cinema and Play-Doh-themed zone.



Estimated Cost: $0.29bn

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) has announced a new SAR1.1 billion ($292 million) entertainment centre coming to Yanbu.

Located along the seafront promenade on Al Nawras Island, the destination will feature carnival rides, a 10-screen cinema, a bowling alley, indoor golf, and a climbing facility.

Inspired by Yanbu’s heritage as one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest ports, the design celebrates the city’s coastal history.

SEVEN’s overall SAR50 billion investment plan aims to establish 21 world-class entertainment destinations across 14 cities nationwide by 2030.

Seven Yanbu


Ardara will develop the AlWadi district of Abha, in the Aseer region of Saudi Arabia, as a vibrant urban centre and tourist destination for both local and international visitors.

The AlWadi flagship destination is set to contribute more than SAR 19 billion to the country’s non-oil GDP by 2030, creating thousands of jobs for the region's local communities.

It will contribute to the objectives of the Aseer Development Strategy; “Arabian Highland” announced by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in 2021.



Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund-owned real estate developer ROSHN Group announced the launch of the MARAFY project in the north of Jeddah.

The project is considered one of the largest mixed-use projects, accommodating over 130,000 people and including a 100-meter-wide manmade canal that extends 11 km, connected to Obhur Creek.

The artificial canal in Marafy will provide a waterfront comparable in size to those of Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg, and central London, thus adding to the beauty of Jeddah.

The project will also emerge as one of the contributors to achieving Vision 2030 goals of creating a vibrant community and a thriving economy.


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